Killer Innovations with Phil McKinney
An award-winning podcast that looks at the innovations that are changing our lives and how their innovators used creativity and design to take their raw idea and create game-changing products or services. Phil McKinney, retired CTO of HP and the creator, and host of Killer Innovations has been credited with forming and leading multiple teams that FastCompany and BusinessWeek list as one of the “50 Most Innovative”. His recognition includes Vanity Fair naming him the “The Innovation Guru”, MSNBC and Fox Business calling him "The Gadget Guy" and the San Jose Mercury News dubbing him the "chief seer".
Dateline: Washington D.C. Segement 1: Collaboration for Innovation - Motivation for collaboration - Criteria for collaboration - Innovation challenge (innovation gap and innovation delay) - Strong ties -vs- weak ties - Vertical networks -vs- horizontal networks - Importance of 'social capital' Segment 2: Weak Signals - Using magazines as a source Visit to see the list of magazines discussed. Segment 3: Killer Question of the Week
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